Waze Rider by Google

Waze Rider by Google, ride-sharing service alias to share a seat in your vehicle with the other users have reportedly been sliding in San Francisco, USA. According to the WSJ (via Engadget), notes that distinguishes Waze Rider and similar services that Uber and Lyft is a restriction of travel to do the driver and how to register. For starters, Google only Allows drivers and riders to take two trips per day. Drivers only make-$ 0:54 per mile, so they're only getting reimbursed for the mileage rather than turning a profit.

Waze Rider by Google

In accordance with the above quote, the cost to be incurred by the arguably very small passengers and drivers can only travel twice a day. How do I sign up as a driver in Waze Rider? Reportedly still pretty easy. You only need to fill out a form from Waze Rider containing a daily schedule, your home address and work address. Yes, this makes it more similar to Waze Rider service "ride" together to go to the office or other places by finding people who have the same goal. In fact, Google reportedly has no plans to make registration with the very complete data such as background checks, vehicle insurance or a photo of the car.

Still from the same source, it states that the Waze app Rider reportedly suffered a system bug of some experiments. That map does not appear accurately or some other things. As for the problem of payment, for a trip from San Francisco to Oakland you only need to pay $ 3 and drivers will earn a total of $ 6:30 aka more than half in the form of subsidies from Google.

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