Flights, The service was officially launched by Google

Flights is the service can be used to help find the flight schedule by comparing the prices, schedules, airline, travel time, and can directly book tickets easily through HP, tablet, or desktop computer. The service was officially launched by Google has also been present in Indonesia, is very helpful to provide a lot of convenience for the citizens of Indonesia who are planning a trip and needed accurate information about flight information to the world.

Flights, The service was officially launched by Google

Business trips made by Google has been officially present in Indonesia, representatives of google reveals "Our goal is to show results quickly, determine the best time, then consider the choice of flights there and booked his ticket," "Everything you can do it easily," wrote captions Google's official representative. This service can be used to help compare and book air tickets easily by phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Google Flights Google Flights or can be accessed via the URL

Content displayed Google also supports Indonesian and prices in Rupiahs.
Users will be treated to snippets that contain the cheapest available flight information and pricing, transit information, and a long flight, after selecting the date of departure and return, the user will see a list of "Best flights" that show a combination of convenience and price factors. If you're not ready to book a ticket, the user can choose to monitor the price in order to receive alerts by e-mail when prices are expected to change or when the price has indeed been changed significantly. "We hope that users can plan a domestic or international travel by Flights," said Google.
Thus the article and a little review on Flights, a trip made by Google's business, for those of you who are curious please try it yourself directly by clicking:

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