10 Tips How to Make Perfect Scrambled Egg Ala Hotel

 Article : 10 Tips How to Make Perfect Scrambled Egg Ala HotelFor those of you who want to try making Scrambled Egg, here we postingkan a full article with video Making way Scrambled Ala Hotel Star And Fast Food Restaurants. Listen ya, may be useful.

How to Make Egg Scramble la Hotel
Ingredients: 2 eggs, 2 tbsp Liquid Milk
Cooking Method: Whisk 2 eggs until foaming, put 2 tablespoons of liquid milk mix until blended. Heat the oil in a teflon then enter into it earlier beaten eggs, stir gently with a small fire conditions for 1 minute, remove from heat and ready to serve.
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In order Egg Scramble Sparkling and evocative tastes, this 10 Tips to Make Scrambled Egg ala Star Hotel
1. Use made of teflon frying pan to avoid sticking and charred eggs when fried.
2. Long whisk the eggs will affect the density scramble eggs, beat the eggs in a small bowl with a fork until foaming, then enter the milk.
3. Do not be too long to cook because Scramble Perfect is bright yellow, it usually only takes fry 1 minute.
4. Direct lift the egg is mature enough, leave it in the pan will continue to make scrambled eggs increasingly brown color that is not good and will reduce display power.
5. Do not add salt when eggs immature nature of the salt itself will make scrambled eggs become watery.
6. Make sure the small stove fire to get scrambled eggs with soft and smooth texture.
7. Stir slowly but often, more often stirring continuously, the more delicate texture (see the video to find out how to stir).
8. After soft-boiled eggs with a yellowish white color or shape desired texture new egg can add salt and pepper to taste, remember a little do not need a lot because a lot of salt and pepper will make sense scramble lose flavor characteristic.
9. If the condition is already too hot pan, lift the pan and keep it away from the stove for a few minutes while continuing to stir the eggs.
10. It is better to eat scrambled egg was immediately after removed from the pan, because the sense of smell is typical with will be unique. Not recommended to eat scrambled egg in a long time especially until warmed, but if it needed a better warm up with a way to put it on top of the hot water, as well as how to melt chocolate.

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