Chatting Application From Google Company

After being introduced to public Google I / O a few months ago, Google chat application Allo finally officially visited iOS and Android users in Indonesia starting today, Friday (09/23/2016). Applications are introduced simultaneously with the Google duo actually had the service not much different from most chat applications. Enabled users to send messages, in the form of text, images, video, and sound.

Views Allo official Google app slid IndonesiaPengguna who want to use this application did not need to have a Google account to register. Just like most similar applications, this application only requires a phone number the user to start wearing it. To enrich the content of messages, Google Allo also comes with stickers and emoji that are already available. Users can also add a sticker to download it directly through the application.

With similar features to other applications, then what becomes more value Google Allo? Google Assistant is an excellent feature which acts like a virtual personal assistant for the user. Based on experience and the recognition of some users say that this feature is like Google Now embedded within the chat application. So, users can use this feature for a variety of needs.

Chatting Application From Google Company

Google Assistant can provide all the information available on the internet. Ranging from weather forecasts, flight schedules, including the latest news and play mini games. About security, this application also includes features chat incognito. By using this feature in Google Allo, users can send messages with end-to-end encyption and also set the duration of a conversation.

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