Google Inaugurates Transportation Services Online

Google has established itself into a giant that will dominate the business world stage, its wings like never tired to bring innovation to continue to develop its business. The latest news of Google's business is the launch of online transportation services into new fields will now be controlled by the giant companies.

Google plans to start reaching the field of ride-sharing was not just gossip, previously tested around their headquarters was finally inaugurated service on the streets of San Francisco, USA. Will Google again become the new king of the world this business? The team of experts who are fighting behind the scenes would have had answers neatly written in his notebook, and staff with supporting advanced software will give you an answer by the flow of dollars into the pockets of Google company.

Google Inaugurates Transportation Services Online

This service is actually utilizing Waze plaftform which is already owned by Google. So, users simply download the app Waze Rider to find other Waze users who also gave a lift in his car. Although it looks to offer similar services to others, the search engine giant is proved to have a different approach. Citing information pages Tech Crunch, Friday (39/9/2016), the service is to put forward the concept of car pooling. So, this service is intended for users who have other jobs and run the service as a sideline.

This condition is different from the Uber or Lyft in the United States to offer its services as one of the main sources of income. The service is also not needed information relating to the vehicle or the driver's background. Google also restrict the driver and passengers only twice a day, which means that only operates when the time to and from work. Google also offers a cheaper financing rates for the driver. For information, the company only paid the driver $ 6.3, or about Rp 82 thousand, while the rates charged to passengers only $ 3, or about Rp 39 thousand.

Google's move is said to have affected the relationship with companies of similar services like Uber. In fact, Alphabet executive David Drummond reportedly has resigned from the board of directors of Uber because the two companies increasingly fierce competition. Alphabet subsidiary that takes care about venture capital investment, Google Ventures (GV) is one of the investors Uber, while the Alphabet is now known that the parent company is Google. Similarly, an article about a New Business Company Google has officially announced the Online Transport Service although currently only exist in San Francisco, but in the near future will certainly spread throughout America and the world.

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